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Attorney criticizes Oakland police tactics

Oakland Police Department practice of not taping interrogations in their entirety becomes issue in murder trial of Antar Bey.
By Paul T. Rosynsky, Chauncey Bailey Project

Prosecutor calls bakery leader’s death a carjacking gone wrong

The murder of Antar Bey was a carjacking, prosecutor says.
By Paul T. Rosynsky, Chauncey Bailey Project

Bey matriarch accused of duping creditors

The U.S. trustee liquidating the assets of Your Black Muslim bakery sued to reclaim three houses he 100said were transferred to Daulet Bey to shield them, prior to her son filing for bankruptcy in 2006.

Bailey Project helps keep journalist’s work alive

Chauncey Bailey was an inspiration to other journalists.
By Dave Newhouse, Chauncey Bailey Project

Bey family property transactions

Three properties changed hands frequently.
By Josh Richman, Thomas Peele, G.W. Schulz and A.C. Thompson, Chauncey Bailey Project

Bey mother involved in sale of Your Black Muslim Bakery

Esperanza Johnson, mother of three of Yusuf Bey’s children, is the broker for a potential buyer of Your Black Muslim Bakery property, representing a longtime resident of the neighborhood.

Bey IV’s rap sheet spans range of criminal charges

Yusuf Bey IV, the 21-year-old CEO of Your Black Muslim Bakery, had been charged in more than a half dozen crimes spanning two years and four counties by the time police arrested him on Aug. 3, 2007.

Bey IV claims rivals set him up

Yusuf Bey IV claims relatives and associates who want to seize the organization’s reins are trying to frame him for Chauncey Bailey’s murder. He denied he told the accused killer to falsely confess.

Fifth suspect arrested in women’s abduction

Richard Lewis was arrested Wednesday in connection with the May 17 kidnapping and torture of two women.
By Harry Harris and Josh Richman, Chauncey Bailey Project

University of Nevada Reynolds School of Journalism joins Chauncey Bailey Project

Colleges are urged to endorse investigative project continuing work of slain Oakland Post editor.
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