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Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)
Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)

Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)

Other homicide victims whose unsolved deaths may be tied to Your Black Muslim Bakery and the Bey family.

By A.C. Thompson and Thomas Peele, The Chauncey Bailey Project

Birdie Mae Scott, 33 and Wendell Scott, 30. This couple, who lived in Santa Barbara, were followers of Yusuf Ali Bey — Joseph X Stephens at the time — and his brother, Billy X Stephens, now known as Abdul Raab Muhammad. They were fatally shot in 1968 shortly after complaining to Nation of Islam officials about the brothers’ involvement in an alleged insurance scam. Last month Santa Barbara police reopened the case, saying they planned to question Stephens, who now lives in Oakland.

– Ronald Allen, 31. This man, who went by the Muslim name Rashid, was a member of the Bey organization who lived across the street from the group’s San Pablo Avenue compound. He was blasted repeatedly with a shotgun in 1982 near the Berkeley city dump. In sworn testimony given during a lawsuit case, an insider said Allen had stolen from the bakery just before he was killed.

Waajid Aljawaad, 51. This former chief executive of the bakery disappeared in 2004 during a power struggle within the organization. His corpse was later found buried in the Oakland hills. Oakland police have said they believe bakery members were involved in the death.


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Odell Roberson Jr., 31. This man was killed in 2007 by fire from an AK-47 assault rifle. His family members think he may have been slain in retaliation for the 2005 murder of Antar Bey, who was killed by Roberson’s nephew during an attempted – and random – carjacking.

Michael Wills, 36. Four days after Roberson was killed, Wills, a sous chef who lived near the bakery, was slain by rounds from the same AK-47, according to police. Oakland officers have publicly linked both killings to the Bey group, but so far haven’t been able to bring charges against anyone.

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