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Key players

Yusuf Bey IV addresses the media at a press conference Dec. 8, 2005, in front of \
Yusuf Bey IV addresses the media at a press conference Dec. 8, 2005, in front of \

By Thomas Peele, Chauncey Bailey Project

A look at those involved in the Chauncey Bailey case:

Your Black Muslim Bakery: Founded in the early 1970s by Yusuf Bey, the bakery flourished for decades in Oakland, spinning off several bakery outlets as well as a school, day care center and other community organizations from its headquarters at 5832 San Pablo Ave. Yusuf Bey is the father of Yusuf Bey IV and more than 40 other children. He organized the bakery on principles of African-American empowerment and defiance and he preached a fiery blend self-reliance and racial superiority and separation. After Yusuf Bey’s death in 2003, a power struggle ensued among the remaining bakery leadership, and the bakery fell into financial difficulty, eventually filing for bankruptcy. It is now dissolved.

Chauncey Bailey: Editor of the Oakland Post, Bailey, 57, was killed in downtown Oakland on Aug. 2, 2007, on his way to work. Bailey had been working on stories about the bakery’s financial troubles and internal power struggle.




Investigative report:

Main story: “Secret video raises questions about bakery leader’s role in Bailey killing”

Side story: “Van owner: I gave the keys to Bey IV”

Lists: “Key players” and “Highlights gathered from documents, recordings” and “Documents and recordings” 

Video: “Taped jailhouse conversation raises questions,” KTVU-TV

Video: “Jailhouse video sheds light on Bailey murder,” KGO-TV

Video: “Secret video raises questions about bakery leader’s role in Bailey killing,” Center for Investigative Reporting

Audio:  “Chauncey Bailey Project reporter Bob Butler reports on the investigation.”

Press coverage: Michael Krasny interviews Robert Rosenthal, Thomas Peele and Peter Keane.

Reaction: “Journalist’s sister sickened by video”

Profile: “Bailey killing figure had troubled youth”




Yusuf Bey IV: Was the 22-year-old leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery until his arrest last year. He has been jailed since Aug. 3, 2007, and is facing trial on kidnapping and torture charges in a case unrelated to Bailey’s death.

































Devaughndre Broussard: A 20-year-old bakery handyman charged with Bailey’s killing. Broussard, who was 19 at the time of his arrest, initially confessed but has since recanted.

Joshua Bey: Bey IV’s half-brother, 19, was arrested Aug. 3, 2007, in a raid on the bakery and was originally charged in an unrelated torture and kidnapping case. On the police video, Joshua Bey queries Bey IV about some circumstances of Bailey’s shooting.

Tamon Halfin: A 21-year-old bakery associate facing kidnapping and torture charges with Bey IV. Halfin is captured on the secret police video laughing as Bey IV discusses Bailey’s shooting.

Sgt. Derwin Longmire: An Oakland Police Department homicide detective and lead investigator into Bailey’s killing. He interviewed both Bey IV and Broussard and recorded Broussard’s confession. Longmire has been described as a mentor to Bey IV.

Antoine Mackey: A bakery worker who, according to the owner of a white van that witnesses saw at Bailey’s shooting scene, drove away in the van about a hour before Bailey was killed.

Rigoberto Magana: A contractor working at the bakery who owned the white van used in Bailey’s killing. He told police he gave the van’s keys to Bey IV between 5:30 and 6 the morning of Bailey’s killing and that Bey IV returned to the keys to him later that morning. Bailey was shot about 7:20 a.m. at 14th and Alice streets in downtown Oakland.

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