Chauncey Bailey Project

Chauncey Bailey: life and work

Chauncey Bailey: life and work
Chauncey Bailey: life and work
Slain journalist Chauncey Bailey was a controversial figure in his hometown of Oakland, Ca., challenging people on his television show and in both the mainstream and ethnic press. This series of videos explores Bailey’s life through archival footage and recent interviews with his friends and colleagues.

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  1. Sharon Dixon says:

    I met Mr Bailey, whe I was a junior in high school here in Detroit. He was my mentor and my first real crush! He was so passionate and excited about jornalism,he inspired me to write and be the best at anything I set out to do. I had spoken to him in June of 2007, and to my surprise he remembered me, and that made me feel so important. He had just gotten his position as the editor-in-chief of the Oakland press. Miss him dearly

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