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Remembering Chauncey Bailey

Chauncey Bailey gets a hit during a softball game with the Newshounds in Oakland June 24, 2004 (Ray Chavez/OaklandTribune)
Chauncey Bailey gets a hit during a softball game with the Newshounds in Oakland June 24, 2004 (Ray Chavez/OaklandTribune)

Chauncey Bailey gets a hit during a softball game with the Newshounds in Oakland June 24, 2004 (Ray Chavez/OaklandTribune)

By Mark M. Cooley, for his brother Chauncey Bailey From New America Media, July 22, 2008


“Life sometimes take us all on unexpected turns, paths
that we see and read about but never expect to travel
down. I often, to find peace, close my eyes and place
this nightmare into a pleasant dream.” — Mark M. Cooley

I No Longer Think, About The
Darkness Filling The Sky. The Morning My Brother Died
The Mirror No Longer Reflects The Redness that Tinted
My Hazel Eyes, From All The Nights I Cried
Nor Do I Question, Why I Keep A Vision Of You Spirtually
Within My Sight Forever Remembering You Leaving Early
In The Morning Working All Through The Night

I Feel Your Warmth, Your
Compassion, Your Dedication…My Brain Reminding Me Its
Been A While My Heart Wont Forget That Boyish Smile
Walking In Fancy Shoes, Styling Those Fashion Suits
As I Proudly Said, That’s My Brother On The News
Colors Matching Optimistic Bright. Tastefully Loud
My Ears Still Hearing Him Say
Always Be Black And Proud

I Want To Be Just Like You
Always Reading, Constantly Writing, Forever Reciting
Famous African American Quotes
No Venting On Vacations, Or Boasting On Beaches
As You Quietly Sipped Daquieries On Big Cruising Boats
That Day GOD Chose For You To Close Your Eyes
Leaving You So Calm…Quiet, Still I Often Pretend You Are
Sleeping Until Tears Fall On My Face, Silently Weeping
It’s Not A Dream, Reality Has Spoken I Wake Up And
Write Stopping Only Because My Pen Has Pardoned
The Paper for Being Soakened
A Special Thickness Fills
The Air I Know I Am Not Alone. I Feel A Spirit There
Oh It’s Him. Why Do I Know? How Can I Tell At This Time Of
Morning? Only Chauncey Could And Would Critique
My Work And Check The Spell

Not One Day Goes By. That I
Don’t Think About Who You Were, What You Stood For
Those You Helped and I Promise I’ll Never Question Why
By New America Media

OAKLAND — One year ago today in Oakland, Calif., journalist Chauncey Wendell Bailey Jr., editor of the Oakland Post, was murdered while reporting on a story related to the suspicious activities of Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Since then, a coalition of Bay Area journalists, media organizations and local university journalism departments has formed an investigative team to continue the reporting Bailey was pursuing when he was gunned down and to answer questions related to his death. The coalition calls itself the Chauncey Bailey Project.

Journalists from the following organizations are working on the project: Bay Area Black Journalists Association, Bay Area News Group, CBS 5, Center for Investigative Reporting, Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc., KGO-AM, KQED Public Radio, KTVU-TV, Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, National Association of Black Journalists, New America Media, New Voices in Independent Journalism, San Francisco State University Journalism Department, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Jose State University School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, Society of Professional Journalists – Northern California Chapter, and University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism.

Chauncey Bailey will be remembered as a fierce advocate for the African-American press and community, a loving father, a visionary media businessman and a friend of New America Media/Pacific News Service for more than 20 years.

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