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Evidence Ignored: A Timeline

An investigation by The Chauncey Bailey Project has found that Sgt. Derwin Longmire, the lead detective assigned to investigate Chauncey Bailey’s slaying, is a supporter of Your Black Muslim Bakery and has failed to document that he has analyzed evidence of the bakery CEO’s possible involvement in the murder. The detective has also interfered for bakery CEO Yusuf Bey IV in two other felony cases, according to the Project’s investigation.

>> Read the full story that appeared in the Oakland Tribune and other publications.

Timeline produced by Carrie Ching at the Center for Investigative Reporting.


  • anonomous X said:

    Does anyone know if BEY IV is the son of the “Anonomous” female who filed child molestation charges against Yusef Bey Sr.?

    He appears to me to be the age of the son she said she had by Yusef Bey. I could be incorrect.

  • anonomous X said:

    It also appears that a re-investigation into Antar’s death, should occur. I have always suspected a “cover-up” in his death, which Bey 4th had everything to gain from. Every case that Longmire had his hands in should be re-investigated, to see if there was a possible YBMB connection to it.


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