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Rank-and-file begin to question Bailey probe

Rank-and-file begin to question Bailey probe

OAKLAND — As 2008 ends, more questions than answers remain about the brazen slaying of journalist Chauncey Bailey 17 months ago, and they raise increasing concerns about this city’s beleaguered police force — questions that some officers say are now being asked within their own ranks.

Commentary: Chauncey Bailey Project

COMMENTARY – The idea for the project started with a message to this column from freelance journalist Kenneth J. Cooper and took off from there.

Understaffed Oakland department behind other cities in solving homicides

Understaffed Oakland department behind other cities in solving homicides

The Oakland Police Department has the lowest homicide clearance rate among California’s large cities because the department is understaffed and the detective work in certain instances is not thorough, an investigation by The Chauncey Bailey Project has found.

Oakland homicide clearance numbers vary

At a time when law enforcement leaders nationwide are stressing that accurate data is critical to good police work, the Oakland Police Department cannot produce reliable homicide statistics that meet national standards.

OPD homicide detectives focus on interrogation, sometimes at expense of other investigation

The Bailey Project reviewed cases where defense attorneys and public defenders complained that confessions and witness statements were coerced during long, unrecorded interrogations and other clues were ignored.

Law enforcement reports and statistics are available on the Internet

Law enforcement reports and statistical data are available on the Internet.

Charts: Homicides in California’s largest cities; Oakland homicide detectives’ case loads, wages, overtime

Three charts detail (1) Homicides in California’s largest cities, (2) Oakland homicide detective case loads, (3) Oakland homicide detective wages and overtim

Newly released document shows further police suspicion of bakery’s violent crime ties

OAKLAND — By late July 2007, detectives investigating two North Oakland street killings had strongly tied them to Your Black Muslim Bakery and had a witness who saw a gunman running from a scene, according to a search-warrant affidavit a judge allowed to be released Monday.

Commentary: Chauncey Bailey murder could have been avoided

COMMENTARY: Reporters Without Borders voiced outrage today after learning that a delay in an Oakland police raid on Your Black Muslim Bakery could have cost Chauncey Bailey his life.

Commentary: Dellums Urges Expansion of Bailey Investigation

COMMENTARY – Oakland, Calif., Mayor Ron Dellums called for an expansion of the state investigation into the Police Department’s handling of journalist Chauncey Bailey’s slaying to include a newly reported delay in the raid of Your Black Muslim Bakery, an operation Bailey was investigating, Thomas Peele and Bob Butler reported for the Chauncey Bailey Project.

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