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Charts: Homicides in California’s largest cities; Oakland homicide detectives’ case loads, wages, overtime

   — Homicides in California’s largest cities
   — Homicide Detective case loads
   — Wages and Overtime for Homicide Detectives



Homicides in California’s largest cities,* ranked by clearance rate
CitiesMurders in 2006 and 2007Murders solved in 2006-20072006-2007 clearance rate
San Francisco1869149%
Long Beach834757%
Los Angeles87550858%
San Diego1277660%
San Jose624369%
Santa Ana494490%
*California cities with populations exceeding 300,000. Murder includes non-negligent manslaughter. A murder is considered solved, or cleared, when there’s been an arrest or when a case is solved without an arrest, such as when an offender dies. A murder is counted in the year it happened. A clearance is counted in the year it happened. Oakland’s solved murders are estimated.
Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, California Department of Justice Criminal Justice Statistics Center, Oakland Police Department, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.


Homicide Detective Case Loads* 
Cases cleared by homicide detectives in California’s 11 cities with populations of more than 300,000. Ranked by new murders per detective.
Police departmentNumber of investigators 2006-2007New murders per detective (annual average, 2006-2007)Cases cleared per detective (annual average, 2006-2007)
San Francisco175.52.7
Long Beach104.22.4
San Jose122.61.8
San Diego242.61.6
Los Angeles1772.51.4
Santa Ana122.01.8
Bakersfielddid not reply  
*Time spent on cold cases varies. Anaheim investigators also work major assaults. Santa Ana investigators also work kidnappings. The number of cases cleared in Oakland is an estimate.
Source:  Oakland Police Department, California Department of Justice, Chauncey Bailey Project research


Wages and Overtime for Homicide Detectives  
2007 wages for Oakland’s 10 current homicide investigators and their rank among 1,000 Oakland Police Department employees, based on total compensation including overtime:
Oakland Police Department’s homicide investigators had an annual base salary last year of $100,576, before overtime, according to city records. This was in line with a statewide average of about $100,000, according to Dennis Kilcoyne, president of the California Homicide Investigators Association. In San Francisco the base wage was $106,990.
OfficerSalary*RankingHours of overtime
Trevelyon “Tony” Jones$267,93512,214
James Rullamas$246,91631,736
James Morris$232,75151,569
Richard Andreotti$229,05461,652
Caesar Basa Jr.$222,55791,253
Louis Cruz$207,337191,314
George Phillips$206,160201,339
Derwin Longmire$185,30447985
Todd Crutchfield$182,330521,071
Gustavo Galindo*$136,609264385
*Galindo did not work homicide all year. 
Source:  City of Oakland, Oakland Police Department

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