Chauncey Bailey Project

Path to indictment


July 8:  Odell Roberson Jr. killed near bakery with AK-47 assault rifle
July 12:  Michael J. Wills Jr. killed nearby with same AK-47
Aug. 2: Chauncey Bailey slain with shotgun as he walks to work in downtown Oakland
Aug. 3: Police raid Your Black Muslim Bakery, arrest Devaughndre Broussard who says he killed Bailey
Aug. 9: Federal judge orders bankrupt bakery liquidated


June 18: Chauncey Bailey Project publishes secret police video implicating Bey IV in Bailey slaying
Oct. 26-28: Chauncey Bailey Project reports homicide Sgt. Derwin Longmire failed to investigate Bey IV. Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums asks state Attorney General to investigate.


Jan. 27: Under fire, Oakland police Chief Wayne Tucker resigns
April 14: Longmire suspended after AG investigation
April 21:  Broussard tells grand jury Bey IV ordered Bailey, Wills and Roberson murders
April 29: Alameda County grand jury indicts Bey IV in plea deal with Broussard

Story: Grand jury votes to indict bakery leader in killing of Oakland journalist
KTVU-TV: Bey IV to be indicted for Bailey murder
Sidebar: Yusuf Bey IV discusses religious beliefs in jail calls
Sidebar: Getaway driver in Bailey slaying has long criminal history
Timeline: Path to indictment
PDF: Affidavit in support of request for a warrant to search Your Black Muslim Bakery
PDF: Indictment document

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