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OPD deputy chief dropped two ranks

Jeff Loman (Alison Yin/Oakland Tribune)
Jeff Loman (Alison Yin/Oakland Tribune)

Jeff Loman (Alison Yin/Oakland Tribune)

By Kelly Rayburn, The Chauncey Bailey Project

OAKLAND — Jeff Loman, the former deputy police chief who was the subject of an investigation stemming from a sexual harassment complaint, has been demoted two ranks to lieutenant and will return to work today, sources said.

Loman also faces possible discipline for his role in overseeing the department’s investigation of the killing of journalist Chauncey Bailey in 2007, when he was the captain in charge of the criminal investigation division. The demotion is unrelated to that investigation.

Loman had been on paid administrative leave since Feb. 3. It is the first time in recent memory anyone in the Oakland Police Department has received a two-rank demotion, though some had expected Loman would face even tougher punishment — possibly termination.

“We’re pleased that he’s returning to work,” said Alison Berry Wilkinson, Loman’s attorney. As to the demotion, “I can’t comment on it, because I don’t know what they’ve sustained” from the investigation.

Loman was facing allegations of harassment, divulging confidential information and untruthfulness, Berry Wilkinson confirmed. She said she is certain the untruthfulness allegation was not sustained, because if it was, she said, Loman would have been fired.

The situation dates to November when a female sergeant, who later was promoted to lieutenant, filed a complaint after becoming uncomfortable when Loman discussed meeting her for dinner to talk about a possible promotion, sources have told the Tribune. The Tribune has not identified the female lieutenant by name.

Her attorney, John Scott, also did not have many details on the investigation’s conclusion.

“I don’t have all the details about what allegations were sustained,” he said. “Without being able to know exactly what was sustained and without being able to compare it to other (cases), I can’t really comment on whether he’s being treated the same as others or whether he’s getting favorable treatment.”

Acting police Chief Howard Jordan and City Administrator Dan Lindheim declined to discuss the situation because it is a personnel matter. The female lieutenant has not filed a lawsuit or claim against the city, though Scott said she is “keeping her options open” on possible legal action.

Loman is believed to be the highest ranking officer in department history to be placed on administrative leave because of a disciplinary matter.

The demotion means a significant pay reduction. He earned a base salary of $172,689 and total compensation of $202,142 in the 2008 calendar year, salary data show. Police lieutenants earn base salaries of about $125,000, the data show.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think he was targeted re: sexual harassment. Pretty suspicious that this came up right as the chief was going to retire. Sounds like someone thought Chief Loman could have the potential to be Chief of Police and made sure that wasn’t going to happen.

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