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Port of Oakland unanimously rejects Black Muslim security firm’s bid to guard shoreline parks

OAKLAND — Admitting they nearly entered into a deal with a questionable security company now under investigation, Port of Oakland commissioners on Thursday vowed to revamp their contracting process.

Port of Oakland now set to reject security firm linked to the defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery

OAKLAND — The Port of Oakland is now set to reject a deal with a security company whose bogus proposal nearly led it to win a lucrative contract to patrol two shoreline parks, documents show.

Black Muslim security firm makes false claims in bid to secure Port of Oakland contract

OAKLAND — A security guard company tied to the defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery made grand claims about its credentials to win a job patrolling two parks at the Port of Oakland, but an investigation by this newspaper shows the proposal is littered with falsehoods.

Appearing frail, owner of controversial security firm pleads with judge over lawsuit

Rory Parker, owner of BMT International Security Services, pleaded with a judge Friday to not be deposed in a lawsuit against her firm and Alameda County over an unlicensed BMT guard who severely beat a man while assigned to protect a county building.

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