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Police arrest county official in stabbing of Las Vegas investigative reporter

The Chauncey Bailey Project has issued the following statement on the news that assassinated Las Vegas reporter Jeff German had written extensively about the public official arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder.


Jeff German, Wikipedia

“The murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German and the arrest of the county official suspected of killing him is shocking but not surprising.

“Investigative reporters take risks every day as they go after stories that those who abuse their power do not want disclosed. Investigative reporters face legal threats, intimidation and in this case extreme violence.

“After Chauncy Bailey was murdered in 2007. we came together to ensure that the work Bailey was doing would continue and to pressure law enforcment to stay on the case. We succeeded.

“We live at a time when threats to our democracy are real. The murders of Jeff German and Chauncy Bailey are reminders of the risks investigative journalists take as well as terrible reminders of the crucial role they play in protecting our democracy.”


Robert Rosenthal, executive editor
Thomas Peele, Bob Butler, Mary Fricker, investigative reporters


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