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  1. I met Mr. Bailey, when I was a junior in high school here in Detroit. He was my mentor and my first real crush! He was so passionate and excited about journalism, he inspired me to write and be the best at anything I set out to do. I had spoken to him in June of 2007, and to my surprise he remembered me, and that made me feel so important. He had just gotten his position as the editor-in-chief of the Oakland press. Miss him dearly

  2. OMG! I moved away from Oakland in 2001 to Houston. Living here and watching the things that go on in Texas had reminded me so much of Chauncey and I discussing responsible journalism in years past. I grew up with Mark and Steven. Chauncey was older but in my early adult years we crossed paths at Laney College at a Black Journalism event and our friendship took off from there. Growing up I had wanted to be an attorney or a journalist. I leaned more toward the journalism after being disenchanted with the not-so blind justice in the US. Then, being the naive young lady that I was, I started taking a closer look at the lack of responsible journalism in the bay area. The only reporter (Chauncey was with the Tribune at the time) that I deemed trustworthy and caring about what really was going on in Oakland’s community was Chauncey. We stayed in touch for years. I would happen across injustices while working for the Sheriff’s Dept or just by my interaction with various parts of the community and if something really bothered me or I had questions about a situation, I could call on Chauncey. Life’s unexpected turns took me in another direction and away from Oakland and on my journey I lost contact with Chauncey, who really helped me keep my faith in mankind. He showed me that there was integrity, humanity and true journalism out there somewhere. So imagine my horror as I was looking up Chauncey today, and ran across articles about his death. I am so devastated. I had so much to tell him and now I wont get the chance. I have seen so much corruption in places of interest. I had reached a point where I was finally ready to put pen to paper and call on my friend for guidance…and wow! Now I know that I must continue my project. Chauncey, I know you will still guide me in spirit. I am very saddened by this but my determination is only strengthened. I pray that all who are involved be brought to justice.

  3. Inspiring and important work–thank you! Our profession owes you a great debt.

  4. Thanks for all your hard work! It’s been fascinating and disturbing to follow this story.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Bailey’s journalism–and what an amazing example you have all set for every journalist to consider at this pivotal time in our industry.

    Well done!

  6. As an addendum to my earlier post – We’re lucky to have one journalist (Voice of America) on our team and he and I are both C-SPAN veterans. I worked with Brian Lamb there from 1982-1997. When few were looking at the media or newspaper business in-depth, C-SPAN was there. Back in the mid 1980’s I was lucky enough to be part of the crew that spent a day at the Trib and interviewed Mr. Maynard. Craig

  7. What an inspiration! Myself along with some friends in DC are looking into a cold case involving the slaying of an attorney over two years ago. While no murder charges have been filed, a trial in April will look at multiple obstruction, conspiracy and tamering charges. The victim’s widow also has filed a seperate wrongful death suit. This isn’t an attempt at self-promotion, but we are working hard to get the word out and grow the community of those who may help find the killer. All the best from DC. Craig

  8. Wow. Keep up the great work. I was not familiar with this story (sadly) until I stumbled across it on your site but I will keep paying attention now.


  9. Thank you for your excellent work and investigation into Chauncey Bailey’s murder and other murders which went unsolved. Keep up the good work and tenacity!

  10. To everyone,
    I am a friend of Chauncey since childhood, and I say “A Friend” because Chauncey’s ideals still lives in many of us. I do miss him terribly, he was always one you could sound off too and frequently he would write about the injustices seen by some and ignored by many.
    Chauncey investigated injustices in high places, everyone knew about the “bakery”. He had no fear of exposing these truths, could this be the reason he was murdered?

  11. To Thomas Peele, Bob Butler and Mary Fricker —

    Thank you so much for your remarkable investigative reporting as part of The Chauncey Bailey Project. I’ve been following your ongoing reports in the Tri-Valley Herald with fascination and dismay at what appears to have occurred in the Oakland Police Department. It must take courage and undying perseverance to pursue the story in face of what happened to Chauncey Bailey, especially considering the disgraceful lack of cooperation you’ve received from the Oakland Police Department. The public owes you and the rest of The Chauncey Bailey Project a huge debt of gratitude for your inspiring efforts. Please don’t give up until justice has been served in this tragic scandal. Let me see — how do you spell P-u-l-i-t-z-e-r?

    I just used the link at the top of the web page to donate to The Chauncey Bailey Project. It was very easy. I encourage everyone to donate what they can afford in support of this important and noble work for the common good.

    Tim Hall

  12. Sad that Chauncey is not here to see Barack Obama become president. i know he was watching last night!

  13. I can’t believe how much Bey IV and his cohorts at the Muslim bakery have gotten away with. Beatings, grand theft, threats, murder. Why do they have a free pass with the Oakland P.D.?! If the police dept. would have done their job at the beginning of this one man crime wave at least 3 people might still be alive and who knows how many other crimes prevented. Why the special treatment? Black Muslims have a hands-off policy that the rest of the community doesn’t receive?

  14. thank you for all your wonderful work! we all miss chauncey a great deal. hopefully he will not have died in vain. i tend to think that neicia yahudda (sp?) person was more involved in this case and maybe she will be brought to justice also.

  15. As an aspiring ‘journalist’ myself, and one with a thirst for Truth and Justice, I applaud you on keeping this investigation alive with Regard to the Chauncey Bailey Project. I myself ‘lost a partner’ in 1998 when a grad school class-mate was murdered, at Memphis. It doesn’t seem real until it happens to someone close (corruption, crime, murder, cover-up) and then it is too late; one can only strive to keep the investigation open and help keep it from happening to others.

    Recently there were two (2) deputy Sheriffs killed in Missouri and I noticed from up-close, as a filed political candidate there; before I was rudely and wrongfully ‘removed’ from the Ballot. A man can’t win (and therefore can defend himself from corruption and murderous cronies) when he can’t even maintain what every lawful citizen deserves in ballot access. Good Luck with the Project. Peace.

  16. Mark,
    I just heard more on KGO this morning about this story, and did some research. I saw your name, and now know your connection. I am SO sorry that this happened to your brother, and wanted to send my most sincere condolences.
    With fondness,
    Your red-headed friend in Dublin

  17. Mr. Bailey was an awesome, highly accomplished human being, with spirit! That he should die at the hands of some creepy thugs who were probably going to go down anyway (by their own doing) is sickening. It is late to say this, but I wish Mr. Bailey would have thought to vary his habits a bit in light of investigating these people he had to have known were mad dogs. But he was self assured and he was proud – I get that he never ran away! What a shame that this beautiful human being was lost. I hope you get at least one arrest out of this.

  18. Dirty cops investigating the Chauncey Bailey case — just another day in Oakland!

  19. I heard about the project this morning on KGO radio.I have to admit not knowing much about Mr. Bailey or his commitment to journalism.I went home and located this site.I am floored to read all the activities Mr. Bailey was working to expose when he was murdered.It’s commited people such as he was that make me proud.

  20. PLEASE look into the connection between YBMB and the murder of Mike Wills. This person was liked by everyone, and there were hundreds of people at his funeral, etc to pay their respects. Please investigate this further. There are alot of people that would like to see the people who did this be put behind bars. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your courage and tenacity…Please keep pursuing this organization.

  21. I was gifted to work with him on T.V and Radio as well he would bless me and grant us openning remarks each year when I hosted the Oakland, Ca Juneteenth festival at foothill Square mall. Mr. Bailey was a great mentor to me and influnece for many as i. When we worked at the late great Chuck Johnsons Soulbeat T.V. network for over 10 years, Cahuncey displayed a man called to work the best with what he was given. A true leader dealing with the news team he created and a grand reporter when interviwing be it live on the air .t.v. radio and our face to face with the talent I learn more then I expected from each of them. We shall miss the good gift his life was shared by thousands even millions. I rememebr we prayed for him one morning leading him to Jesus Christ. There where too people whom walked in the studio while we were on .t.v. live, with host Mr. Young Turner on the award winning show of the year Gospelbeat call in, it was into the second hour of the program when God allowed me to reconized this couple of african american desent they seemed to be on drugs Lord forgive me yet nobody wonted to here them so I walked away from the show and went out side and they cryed. Nobody will listen to us! They shouted I calmed them down the lady was so affriad he was hurt” The man stated, there is a man in his car on bancroft and 73rd in front of the gas station in need of help! This was in Oakland ,Ca God blessed us to go see as i informed my collueges and oh my God there Mr. Bailey was kneeled over and stuck in his car on the floor. Well Jesus is Lord and the holy spirit helps us to recover him and walk him back across the street into the soulbeat network building. After he said he was ok and thanks be to God. He did not wont to call 911 he explained to us what it was an he then excepted us sharing with him the sinners prayer and he repented according to the Holy Bibles teachings.John 3:16 After he rested Mr. Bailey joinned our live program and thanked us and shared what just happen no the viewer had no ideal previously and we were going to cover him of any shame. Yet again he stood up as a leeader and told the story as only Mr. Chauncey Bailey could. Mr. dangerfield I shall truly miss him. I was able to record thee entire home going servie of mr Chuck Johnson and Mr. Chauncey Bailey. I pray the Lord to heal each of us and allow us to go about doing good works that we may leave a past of Love and a body of works that out weigth the worngs we all are gulity of. God bless you for the family thanks for this moment in time. Rememeber to see him again is to know Jesus as Lord and savior. And thats the good news a relationship. take care please!

  22. I have followed the Chauncey Bailey murder story, which exposes the dangers investigative journalists are facing. Coming from an African continent where stories of intimidation, threats and disappearance of investigative journalists are rife, I entirely support the Chauncey Bailey Project.

  23. Journalists and editors can never be free of external pressures. Yet, the physical threats and intimidations must not be allowed to go without notice and, when appropriate, actions in civil and criminal courts.

    I’ve been in countries, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, and others, where a free press is non-existent. The quality and longevity of life, as well as hope that things will be better in the future, are less than what human beings deserve and need to flourish.

    I support the Chauncey Bailey Project and hope that I may be of some service in crunching numbers that may show patterns of activities that increased the probability that Bailey was murdered.

    Dwight Hines
    St. Augustine, Florida

  24. I only knew of him by reading his stories. It’s sad that a great reporter and writer can be stolen from the reades by thugs. Mr. Bailey worked in the best spirit of the old Oakland Tribune. I remember visiting the tower when Maynard had it and feeling sad at how it had changed when I went back twenty five years later. I wish I had time to help with following the trail he started down, but blessings to all who do.

  25. Murder and intimidation of journalists have become an alarmingly common practice among those who prosper under cover of darkness.

    Normally, the preferred method of control in the United States is to reach into the newsroom and edge the threat into a marginal job. But violence is also an option, as the Bailey case shows.

    The press must fight to preserve its integrity. One way to do that is to keep the heat on this case.

  26. It’s important for journalists to support this project. Thank you to everyone who’s able to give of their time and talent.

  27. I saw Mr. Bailey once at a Bay Area Black Media Coalition Conference several years ago. I was invited by my brother Terry Woodard, a dispatcher for the Oakland Fire Department. That conference and those who were there including Chauncey helped me to re-direct my focus in life. We understand now, that the sirens are going off in light of this recent tragedy. Now I pray that all of us are inspired to continue to preserve the black media, continue the struggle with every fiber of our being, speaking truth to power and began th heal our collective community using our wealth of social capital and love. I think this is what Chauncey would want us to do.

  28. There can be few words to desrcibe the loss that Chauncey’s trafic death brings to all of us and to the world of journalism. We met when he was an SPMJ student, worked together when he was a reporter for local black media before SPMJ and after and crossed paths many years later when he worked in my home town. Although our paths had not crossed in more years than I care to count, there was and always will be a memory of this man as one who was dedicated to his community, his profession and expressed that commitment with great enthusiasm throughout the years. He is missed.

  29. Dear Mr. Bailey,

    I offer your beloved family, friends, and fellow journalists and co-workers my sincere sympathy for you being taken away from them so soon and unexpectedly.

    I also mourn for you – I am certain that you had so much more planned to accomplish on this good earth.

    Rest in peace!

    With deepest sympathy,

    Beni Dakar

  30. Chauncey proudly flashed a photo of his attractive young son well before I came within speaking distance of his desk in the Oakland Tribune newsroom four years ago. My sadness is primarily for that young man in the loss of his father.

    But it also pains me to realize that two black journalists who were my friends have been shot down while doing their jobs, and both were killed(30 years apart) in “religion”-related strife connected to the checkered saga of the Black Muslims/Nation of Islam.

    So, when Chauncey Bailey’s name is added to the hundreds of journalists honored on the Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial, he will share a unique connection to Maurice Williams who was shot down at D.C. government headquarters in the 1977 Hanafi Muslim siege. Could there be some meaning in this coincidence, or just another entry on the mournful side of black Americans’ history?

  31. The murder of veteran journalist Chauncey Bailey while he was investigating a news story is an offense to all of us who provide the important service of gathering and reporting news and information. The entire (mainstream included) field of journalism as well as the general public (who are beneficiaries of the service we provide) should be alarmed and outraged that a journalist was killed in the line of duty.

  32. Mr. Bailey made quite an impact on young black journalists here in Detroit. He was instrumental in providing insight and engaging debate about many civil issues of the time. I am sorry his life was cut short. God Bless his family. Hopefully his colleagues across the country will speak out against such violence and intolerance.

  33. I was a young wanna-be reporter at the SPMJ in 1983 when I met Chauncey Bailey. Maybe I just observed him; as I said I was a young, wanna-be and he already was. Still, it shocked me out of the hot doldrums of New York City to see this news. It is a blow for all journalism but especially for the Maynard Institute family.

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