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Bey IV run-ins with the law

Yusuf  Bey IV (Oakland Police Department)
Yusuf Bey IV (Oakland Police Department)

Yusuf Bey IV (Oakland Police Department)

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May 17, 2005: Yusuf Bey IV is cited near Lafayette by the California Highway Patrol for speeding, driving with a suspended license and failure to produce proof of insurance. He repeatedly will fail to appear for court dates on this case through 2007.

June 25, 2005: Bey IV is arrested for being belligerent and uncooperative with a female police officer in the lobby of the Century 25 theaters in Union City. He will repeatedly miss court dates in this case.

Nov. 15, 2005: Bey IV, recently appointed CEO of Your Black Muslim Bakery following the death of his father and older brother, allegedly uses a bogus ID and financial data to buy a 2002 Mercedes CL 500 for $55,000 from a Vallejo used car dealer. He will later plead no contest to multiple felonies.

Nov. 23, 2005: Store video cameras capture Bey IV and other Muslim brothers vandalizing two markets in Oakland for selling liquor to African-Americans. The store owner’s shotgun, which will be used two years later to kill journalist Chauncey Bailey, was also taken. Bey IV will later plead no contest to multiple felonies.


Early 2006: Bey IV unlawfully takes a 2004 Infiniti G35, a 2002 Jaguar “S” Type and a 2001 Pontiac Firebird from the Platinum Motor Group in Oakland, police report.

March 23, 2006: Neighbor reports hearing seven to eight gun shots coming from the bakery. Police come to the bakery but don’t take anyone into custody.

April 6, 2006: Police pull Bey IV over in his car. No charges.

April 28, 2006: Bey IV tries to run down two men with his car outside the New Century Theater, a strip club in San Francisco, police report. Moments earlier he had been thrown out of the club for bad behavior.

June 7, 2006: Bey IV buys a house at 2514 61st Ave., Oakland, by giving false information on the loan document, police report.

June 8, 2006: Charges are filed against Bey IV in the Platinum Motor Group incident early this year.

Aug. 14, 2006: Detained in Vallejo in connection with a fraud investigation, Bey IV is arrested and charged with possession of a 9mm handgun with removed serial numbers.

Aug. 25, 2006: Bey IV’s brothers, Yusuf Bey V and Fard, are men cited for beating a man when he refuses to move the car he was unloading in front of his business. The bakery has a security contract in this area.

Sept. 6, 2006: Three pitbulls and a mastiff at the bakery attack a 21-year-old college student living nearby. When police arrive, bakery men become hostile. Police call for backup. Men “known to carry rifles” are seen on the bakery roof. Police take no one into custody.

Oct. 24, 2006: Bey IV files Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the bakery in an effort to hold off creditors and reorganize the business.

Nov. 16, 2006: Bey IV is arrested by the CHP for driving a stolen U-Haul truck. A bulletproof vest is found in the truck.

Dec. 7, 2006: Someone riddles Cameren Cook’s car with bullets, using several guns including the shotgun later used to kill Bailey. Cook blames the bakery, saying he earlier had a confrontation with Bey IV, according to a police report.

Late 2006: Bey IV, Joshua Bey, Khalil Raheem, and others assault a man in the same area of the Aug. 25 incident, according to a police report. Bey IV is cited for battery.


Jan. 9, 2007: Bey IV is cited for petty theft of condoms at a Walgreens on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. Bey says, “We have the best lawyers. That’s why I’m not in jail,” according to a police report.

Feb. 5, 2007: Police go to the bakery to investigate a call about the mistreatment of dogs. Bey IV comes out but re-enters the bakery and police do not go after him even though they know he has a “no-bail” warrant for his arrest in an earlier case. A radio log states that Bey “locked himself inside the bakery and refused to come out.”

Feb. 15, 2007: Bey IV is pulled over by police who find a bulletproof vest, handcuffs and handcuff keys.

May 17, 2007: Bey IV directs the kidnapping of two women and the torture of one in an effort to collect money that a drug dealer says they owe him, according to police.

June 30, 2007: Police stop Bey IV driving his Charger in front of the bakery and he’s cited for no license plates, no insurance and a suspended driver’s license. Ten police officers respond for backup. Several Muslim men stand around. Five rounds are heard being fired from the rear of the bakery. Bey IV mocks the officers. Because of the “high probability of violence, the hostile location, and lack of a known victim,” the officers leave.

July 5, 2007: Devaughndre Broussard and Antoine Mackey are arrested in Bey IV’s Dodge Charger for a midnight drive-by shooting on Eddy St. in San Francisco.

July 8, 2007: Odell Roberson Jr., 31, uncle of Alfonza Phillips, is gunned down a few blocks from the bakery. Police will later implicate the bakery in the killing, but no charges have been filed.

July 10, 2007: Mackey, Broussard and Richard Lewis are stopped for running a light in Oakland in Bey IV’s Dodge Charger.

July 12, 2007: Michael J. Wills Jr., is gunned down a few blocks from the bakery. Police will later implicate the bakery in the killing, but no charges have been filed.

July 12, 2007: A San Francisco judge issues a bench warrant for Bey IV’s arrest for failing to appear in court today in the April 28, 2006, case.

July 30, 2007: Saleem Bey, who has been working with journalist Chauncey Bailey on a story about problems at the bakery, gets a cell phone call from someone he said sounds like Bey IV. The caller says, “Keep my name out your mouth.”

Aug. 2, 2007: Chauncey Bailey is slain.

Aug. 3, 2007: Police raid the bakery. They arrest Bey IV and others.

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